The SJMS Wall of Fame began under the administration of COL. Keith Duckers, who served as President/Superintendent from 1968 – 1993. It was the wishes of COL. Duckers to recognize alumni who gave generously to SJMS, with them being inducted into the Wall of Fame. With the formation of the Old Boys Association Board in 2003, it was decided to bring to light other categories to honor our alums, patrons, and staff. The Wall of Fame is divided into four categories; Professional Endeavors; Military Valor/Service to Country; Distinguished Lifetime Service and Special Category.

To date, over 80 Wall of Fame alums/patrons/staff are proudly displayed next to the Alumni Room.

To read about any of our Wall of Fame Recipients just click on their name.

  • Jeff Baker - Alumnus SJMS Class of 1986

    Jefferson Baker


    Jefferson Baker | Class of 1986

    Jefferson was a Second Lieutenant Platoon leader in Alpha Company when he graduated in 1986. He lettered in basketball & track and was instrumental in forming the first cross-country team for SJMS.

    After graduation, he joined the Army where he was honorably discharged in 1989. He graduated from Chadwick University with a bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and later on from the Police Academy. As a police officer, Jefferson gained his certification to teach the DARE program, which he presented to elementary and middle schools instructing kids on the skills necessary to stay away from drugs. Jefferson believes in community service as he is involved with Grand Junction Lions Club, youth basketball coach & serves on a variety of community boards.

  • Jim Bannon - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1944

    James Bannon


    James Bannon | Class of 1944

    Served in US Merchant Marine Cadet Corps WWII; US Marine Corps Korean War.

    Graduate of Wichita State University and MA degree from the University of Michigan; Medieval and Modern European History teacher and Department Chairman, San Diego Unified School District.

  • Herb Becker - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1938

    Herb Becker


    Herb Becker | Class of 1938

    Distinguished career in the US Air Force.

    1961 Developed Applejack Wine & Spirits in Denver. Also, one of the principals in developing Apple Village Shopping Center in Denver, CO.

  • Roger Bigler - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1955

    Roger Bigler


    Roger Bigler | Class of 1955

    Battalion Commander 1955.

    Graduate of the University of Colorado; BS in Mechanical Engineering, MBA in Corporate Finance.

    Co-Founder of Grubb & Ellis National Real Estate Firm and President of ICD Company/Commercial Office Developers. Currently owns a resort in the Philippines.

  • Ralph Bliss - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1945

    Ralph Bliss


    Ralph Bliss | Class of 1945

    Ralph Bliss attended St. John’s Military School from 1943 to 1946. He was the Battalion Commander in 1945. After attending SJMS, Mr. Bliss joined the army where he retired as Lt. Colonel.

    1968 – 1984 Bliss was owner/President of two companies involved in photovoltaic systems and devices; international trading and shipping business.

  • Alan Briteman - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1962

    Alan Brightman


    Alan Brightman | Class of 1962

    Graduate of Kansas University. Associate Professor and Chief of Ophthalmology, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois. Author of 50 scientific articles and book chapters in the field of comparative ophthalmology.

    Lieutenant Colonel, USAR, Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces

  • Larry Birtegam - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1969

    Larry Britegam


    Larry Britegam | Class of 1969

    Attended St. John’s as a junior school cadet from September 1967 through May 1969.

    Received a BS degree from Marymount College, Salina.

    Chairman of two successful fund drives for Lyman Middle School and Stevens Center. Ties to SJMS date back to his great-grandfather who in 1910, built the first hospital building in Salina on the grounds of St. John’s. The hospital was named St. Barnabas. It later became a dorm, where Mize Hall currently is located.

    Chairman of the St. John’s Board of Trustees.

    Larry & his wife are known throughout the community for their fabulous fundraising dinners.

  • Jeff Broome - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1971

    Jeff Broome


    Jeff Broome | Class of 1971

    Jeff graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Psychology and Philosophy. He received his master’s in Philosophy from Baylor and Ph.D. from the University of Colorado.

    Jeff has worked as a counselor, Treatment Director, and chaplain for the Salvation Army before turning his sights on teaching in college. He currently is a philosophy and history professor at Arapahoe Community College in Colorado.


  • Dale Browning - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1955

    D. Dale Browning


    D. Dale Browning | Class of 1955

    Following graduation from SJMS, served as an SJMS counselor, teacher, and coach for nine years. Mr. Browning is a graduate of Kansas Wesleyan University.

    In November 1968, became President of Rocky Mountain Bankcard System, one of the largest credit card processors in the western United States. Mr. Browning served as President and CEO of the Colorado National Bank. He then founded Plus Systems, Inc in 1982, and negotiated the sale to Visa International in 1992. Mr. Browning has held numerous board positions including serving St. John’s Military School, Central States Indemnity Company, Guaranty Bank & Trust, and Frontier Airlines.

  • Bill Bunting - Former Military Advisior

    William J.L. Bunting


    William J.L. Bunting

    1SG William J. L. Bunting exemplifies the highest ideals and standards of the faculty and staff at SJMS. A combat veteran of Korea and Vietnam, Bunting retired from the Army after 20 years and began his second career at SJMS.

    During his 22-year tenure, he served as an ROTC Instructor, TAC Officer, Crack Squad Sponsor, and Rifle Team Sponsor. He was also Administrative Asst to Commandant, LTC Paul H. Kellogg. His work ethic leadership and exceptional moral and ethical character fostered a strong loyalty among those with whom he worked. In addition to this, he also participated in countless senior trips, band trips, ski trips, rifle team trips, and other activities as needed. For many years he has dressed up in the uniform and whiskers of the Mule Skinner for school functions.

    1SG Bunting’s example of service, devotion, and sacrifice for the Cadets set a standard that many aspire to, but few achieve.

  • Ginny Conroy - Former SJMS Recruiter

    Ginny Conroy


    Ginny Conroy

    Ginny was first introduced to SJMS when she brought her son here for school. From that moment on, Ginny was an avid supporter and recruiter. She considered every young man at SJMS her “son” and did everything in her power to make them feel at home.

    Ginny volunteered many hours. Helping the Parent Staff Organization, talking to perspective parents and answering their many concerns, giving tours, and making the visitors feel right at home where her specialty. Ginny was never shy about helping others and being a friend to everyone. She was always eager to share the “St John’s Story” with anyone that would listen. Her enthusiasm and warm smile was contagious.

    Ginny worked as a recruiter from her home in the Colorado area.

  • Alan Cub Clem - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1946

    Alan Cub Clem


    Alan Cub Clem | Class of 1946

    Mr. Clem attended St. John’s Military School for ten years. In 1946 he was the Battalion Commander.

    Mr. Clem graduated from the University of Nebraska He received his Ph.D. from American University in 1960. He was the head of the Political Science Department at the University of South Dakota.

    Mr. Clem is the author of many scholarly articles and monographs and books.

  • Robert Crooks - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1928

    Robert Crooks


    Robert Crooks | Class of 1928

    Attended SJMS 1921 – 1928, Battalion Commander.

    Past president of the San Diego Board of Realtors; owner and operator of Realty Company and honorary director of the California Association of Realtors.

  • James Dennett - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1943

    James R. Dennett


    James R. Dennett | Class of 1943

    Colonel Dennett, US Air Force, was a representative of the Government of the United States of America when documents were signed accepting the release of POWs held in North Vietnam in 1973.

  • Tom Dickson - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1967

    Thomas Dickson


    Thomas Dickson | Class of 1967

    Attended St. John’s Military from 1964 – 1967. Served in the US Navy, UDT, and Seal Team One.

    Artist and sculptor, listed in American Artists of Renown and Contemporary Western Artists.

    Member of the Allied Artists of America, Inc.


  • Keith and Liz Duckers

    Keith and Elizabeth Duckers


    Keith and Elizabeth Duckers

    COL. Keith Grafton Duckers arrived at SJMS in December 1950 and served as Acting Superintendent in 1967 and Superintendent from 1968 – 1993. Mrs. Duckers served as a publicist.

    The Duckers simply lived by the Boy Scout rule. St John’s was their life as they became a friend to Cadets and alumni. COL. Duckers was a man blessed with insight, compassion, and vision and he guided SJMS thru a hardship of times, including the Vail Hall fire of 1978. Mrs. Duckers is noted for her famous gardens and landscaping around campus. COL. and Mrs. Duckers were diligent in holding true to traditions and establishing relationships with life-long friends. Together they served SJMS as a team.

    COL. Duckers served the community in many ways, including becoming involved with municipal government. He served on the City Commission and as Mayor of Salina.

  • SJMS - Alumnus Class of 1954

    Eugene Ely


    Eugene Ely | Class of 1954

    Graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management.

    Worked with Ingersoll-Rand Company since graduation. Traveled in 102 countries and lived on four continents.

  • Steve Erb - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1964

    Robert S. Erb


    Robert S. Erb | Class of 1964

    Attended St. John’s Military School from 1955 to 1964.

    Graduate of the US Naval Academy, attended Naval Postgraduate School, pilot training and aviation maintenance billets and the Navy Space Program and was a Commander, U. S. Navy, U. S. Atlantic Fleet, Avionics/Weapons Officer in Norfolk, VA. in 1983.

  • Hazel Fonck - Former SJMS Employee

    Hazel Fonck


    Hazel Fonck

    Hazel Fonck had a special fondness for SJMS long before her employment as the bursar. Hazel was born and raised on campus and enjoyed campus life until her retirement in 1980. She had over a 50-year relationship with SJMS.

    Hazel loved St John’s and all it stood for. She took special care of all the boy’s wants and needs while bursar. Hazel was particularly proud of being named Honorary Colonel in 1981.

    She and her husband John attended as many events on campus as possible, and she took special pride in the Corps.

  • Nathan Fox - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1955

    Nathan E. Fox


    Nathan E. Fox | Class of 1955

    Nathan served in the US Army; Special Forces Unit.

    Retired from the Colorado Iron and Fuel Corporation as Asst. Superintendent. Vice President and Director of Operations for Goodwill Industries of Pueblo. Job Placement for mentally and physically impaired teenagers; Funeral Director for Pueblo Funeral Homes; and Instructor for the American Driving Academy.

  • Reb. Peter Francis - SJMS Alumnsu Class of 1938

    Rev. Peter Francis


    Rev. Peter Francis | Class of 1938

    Ordained priest in Christ Episcopal Cathedral, Salina, 1944.

    Directors of the Salina unit of St. Francis Boys’ Homes from 1948 – 1950 and the Ellsworth unit from 1952 – 1965.

    Opened Lake Placid New York unit of the Homes in 1965 and served there until retirement in 1983.

  • Louis Fulton - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1946

    Louis Fulton


    Louis Fulton | Class of 1946

    Attended Rice Institute on an athletic scholarship and on to the University of Houston.

    Served in the United States Air Force from 1947 – 1950 as a Control Tower Operator.

    Vice President of Sales for the Workload, Inc. with offices in Miami, Dallas, Jacksonville, Mobile, San Francisco, and New Orleans.

  • Francisco Gomez - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1954

    Francisco Gomez


    Francisco Gomez | Class of 1954

    Advisor to Columbian Coffee Federation, Bogota, Columbia.

    Sales and Marketing Director, American Products Corporation.

  • Hilliard Griffin - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1961

    Hilliard Griffin


    Hilliard Griffin | Class of 1961

    “Grif” graduated from SJMS in 1961 and Seattle University in 1968.

    Grif has chased adventure his entire life. His successful business ventures include construction, disaster relief, logistics, news media, real estate, search and rescue, security, and wildland fire fighting. He is a member of the Civil Air Patrol in Albuquerque.

    His service as an international trade delegate involves efforts for Africa, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cheboksary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the Urals.

    His extracurricular activities include academics, dancing, hiking, martial arts, sailing, skiing, skydiving, and traveling.

  • Jeff Guernsey - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1961

    Jeff Guernsey


    Jeff Guernsey | Class of 1961

    Due to his parents working at St. John’s, Jeff became friends with many cadets. While growing up on the campus, Jeff knew each cadet’s name, and where they were from. He saw many changes at SJMS, but always felt the changes were for the best.

    Jeff is a Civil War reenactor for over 20 years. He also joined the Civil Air Patrol in 1966 and retired in 1986 as a Lt. Colonel. Jeff also holds an Extra Class Ham radio license and a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo, and advanced rank in five other styles.

    His extracurricular activities include academics, dancing, hiking, martial arts, sailing, skiing, skydiving, and traveling.

  • Howard Haythorn - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1945

    Howard Haythorn


    Howard Haythorn | Class of 1945

    Battalion Commander of the Class of 1945. Served in the Military from 1951 – 1953.

    Well-known judge of horse shows and high school rodeos.

    President of the Haythorn Ranching Company, a family organization started in 1884.

  • Dan Hargrove - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1955

    Dean Hargrove


    Dean Hargrove | Class of 1955

    Graduated from Wichita State University. Attended UCLA Film School for graduate studies.

    Writer and/or producer of over 150 television shows, including Columbo, McCloud, Name of the Game, The Bob Newhart Show, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Perry Mason movies, Matlock, Jake and the Fatman, and Return to Mayberry.

  • Robert Guthrey - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1946

    Robert Guthrey


    Robert Guthrey | Class of 1946

    Mr. Guthrie attended St. John’s Military School from 1944 through 1946.

    Mr. Guthrie attended Adams State College and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Mr. Guthrie served with the 40th Infantry Division in Korea. After serving his country, he became manager of EG & G, a radar development company.

  • Peter Holmes - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1928

    Peter Holmes


    Peter Holmes | Class of 1928

    Senior Vice President and Trust Officer of Home Bank & Trust, Eureka KS.

    Retired from the bank after 50 years of service.

    Served military time in the South Pacific.

  • Jerry Housley

    SGM Jerry Housley


    SGM Jerry Housley

    Jerry Housley served our country honorably in excess of 30 years as an Intelligence Officer Sergeant, US Army Security Agency.

    Following this career, he joined the SJMS Staff as a TAC Office for sixteen years, undertaking and guiding many cadets onto their path and potential. Jerry was instrumental in the growth of thousands of youths into men of outstanding discipline, personal responsibility, and pride in accomplishments duly earned. He took care of his charges with utter commitment and was unwavering in that duty. No cadet, no matter how troubled, troublesome, or otherwise would be allowed to fall between the cracks, or deviate from a posture of rectitude.

  • John Houston

    John Houston


    John Houston

    Attended Fairmount College, Wichita, KS. Served in the US Marine Corps during WWI.

    Served as Mayor of Newton, KS, and was elected a s US Congressman from 1935 – 1943. Delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Kansas in 1944. Appointed to the National Labor Relations Board until his retirement.

  • Robert Houston - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1943

    Robert Houston


    Robert Houston | Class of 1943

    Robert Houston is a graduate of St. John’s Military School class of 1943.

    Mr. Houston attended the University of Southern California and graduated from Santa Ana College.

    Mr. Houston joined the US Marine Corps and served his country during WWII and the Korean War. He retired as a senior engineer from Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, California

  • Tom Keil - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1985

    Tom Keil


    Tom Keil | Class of 1985

    The six years at SJMS were highlighted with numerous opportunities to grow as a leader, (Battalion S3), an above-average student, and a multi-sport varsity athlete. He feels certain he would not have accomplished that elsewhere.

    Tom graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Human Resource Management from Webster University. Tom is currently the branch manager of a Human Resource Company, specializing in temporary staffing, professional placement, HR consulting, training and development, and pre-employment testing and evaluation. He began a professional career in direct service and administration and specialized in child welfare and residential programs serving run-a-ways, homeless and troubled youth.

  • Paul Kellogg - SJMS Commandant

    Lt. Col. Paul H. Kellogg (USMC, Ret.)


    Lt. Col. Paul H. Kellogg (USMC, Ret.)

    In his 22 years of service to SJMS, Kellogg worked with over 3000 Cadets and found his greatest rewards from the performance of his Cadets.

    Civic responsibilities were a priority for Kellogg. He would arrange for the Cadets to be escorts, provide color guards, honor guards, and buglers for military funerals, and arrange for cadets to march in countless parades. He prided himself on “showing off” the Corps.

  • Bill Ladd - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1946

    William Bill Ladd


    William Bill Ladd | Class of 1946

    Served in the US Marine Corps.

    President of the Silver Dollar Saloon and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Ed Lehman - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1943

    Ed Lehman


    Ed Lehman | Class of 1943

    Graduate of the University of Denver; Newspaperman and lawyer.

    Served as Deputy District Attorney for the City of Denver. Member of the Colorado Legislative 1954-1956.

    President and publisher of the daily newspapers in Longmont, Loveland, and Canon City, Colorado. The motto of Lehman Communications Corporation: “To Create A Better World, Start In Your Own Community.”

  • Lyman Linger - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1926

    Lyman Linger


    Lyman Linger | Class of 1926

    Attended St John’s for four years.

    Battalion Commander of the Class of 1926

    Colorado rancher, major benefactor of SJMS.

  • Jerry Litz - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1942

    Jerry Litz


    Jerry Litz | Class of 1942

    Jerry Litz graduated from SJMS in 1942 while being involved in the Crack Drill Squad, basketball, football, boxing, and Skirmisher Staff. He attended the University of Colorado and was then called into service for the US Marine Corps. He served in WWII in the Pacific Fleet Force on Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima. He received the Purple Heart.

    Jerry worked as an engineer on a variety of projects for the US Navy, Army, and Air Force in the Martial Islands, Greenland, Alaska, and Vietnam. He loaned his Quality Control Inspection skills for 2 plus years to the building of the Trans Alaska Pipeline. Then as a professional engineer with Quality Assurance skills in mechanical/electrical, he was involved in the building of a number of nuclear power plants in Pennsylvania, Washington, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, and Illinois. He retired from the Department of Energy in 1995.

  • Lefty Loy

    Virgil Lefty Loy


    Virgil Lefty Loy

    Virgil “Lefty” Loy joined the staff of SJMS in 1952 and retired after 36 years in 1988. “Lefty” taught Social Science. Through those years he assisted in coaching several sports and was instrumental in beginning the Physical Fitness program.

    “Lefty” served his country (1943 – 1946) by joining the Marine Corps and was assigned with the defense units of New Guinea and action at Cape Gloucester, New Britain, Peleliu, and Okinawa and was with the Occupation Forces in China.

    “Lefty” did his graduate work in Social Science at Emporia, KS, and received his Master’s Degree in May 1964.

    “Lefty” authored “St. John’s Military School…A History, which covered SJMS’s first 99 years. This book has been instrumental in remembering the past. “For anyone ever associated with St. John’s, this book will be a fascinating and informative look at what time has wrought.”

  • Charles Marcus - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1966

    Charles Marcus


    Charles Marcus | Class of 1966

    Distinguished military graduate, from the University of Colorado; US Army Special Forces 1970–74.

    Was a Major in US Army Reserve and served as Battalion S-3.

    Executive Director of the Colorado Medical Society and owner of Marcus Motor Racing.

  • Jack McCandless - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1942

    Jack McCandless


    Jack McCandless | Class of 1942

    Jack earned his Boy Scout Eagle Badge as a member of the La Junta Troop known as the Koshares. As part of one badge requirement, Jack performed authentic Indian dances in costume researched and made by him.

    After graduation from SJMS in 1942, he entered the US Navy and served three years. He was stationed in Idaho, Oklahoma, California & South Pacific. He served aboard the USS Chandeleur, a repair ship for seaplanes, and began training as a pilot before being discharged.

    He entered Colorado State University after his service to his country and graduated with a Poultry Agriculture degree.

    Jack began working for SJMS as a teacher in the Junior School and later became Commandant of Rank and Discipline.

  • Bill Meidell - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1954

    Bill Meidell


    Bill Meidell | Class of 1954

    While attending SJMS, Bill lettered in all three sports; baseball, football, and basketball along with being a member of the Crack Squad.

    After graduation, Bill attended Wichita State University. After 40 years, Bill has retired from traveling for the insurance business and is thoroughly enjoying his retirement.

    Bill was very active in the 12-step program. Working with still practicing alcoholics in his home group #1 in Kansas City, Mo.


  • Robert Miller - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1954

    Robert Miller


    Robert Miller | Class of 1954

    Robert Miller attended SJMS from 1938 – 1947. He was awarded the Commandant’s Medal in 1943 and 1946 and was the first cadet to be promoted to the rank of Major.

    After graduation, Robert attended Brown Mackie College and joined the US Air Force. He worked for United Airlines as an aircraft inspector and for Braniff Airlines as a technical representative. His early retirement years found him as a mediator in Hawaii and Washington State.

  • George Norton - SJMS Alumnus Class of 2002

    SSG George Norton


    SSG George Norton | Class of 2002

    “While attending SJMS, I learned I had to earn good grades, promotions, the awards on my uniform, and a place in the school’s history. I earned everything I worked for however there were many helping hands along the way.”

    Attending SJMS helped him realize he would be a good soldier and a talented marksman, so he enlisted in the US Army and became a competitive shooter.

    Some of his accomplishments: NRA Men’s 3 Position National Champion; KSRA Renowned Member of the Shooting Sports; Supported Operation Enduring Freedom as primary marksmanship instructor for the Afghan National Army; USAMU NCO of the Year 2011 and USA National Shooting Team member.

  • Robert Odell

    Robert Odell


    Robert Odell

    SJMS 1956-58

    Joined the Winfield Sheriff’s Office, Cowley County Kansas in 1966. Promoted to under sheriff in 1974 and elected as Sheriff in 1985. Currently spearheading a new jail facility.

  • Raul Olivia - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1961

    Raul Olivia


    Raul Olivia | Class of 1961

    Graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Majored in Economics and Finance.

    President of Technoconcret C.A., a family business.

  • Al Palmer - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1959

    Al Palmer


    Al Palmer | Class of 1959

    Attended SJMS 1952 – 1959; Received a BS degree from Widener University and MEd from West Chester State University. Secondary and collegiate teacher of Earth and related sciences. Al is the author of numerous scientific journal articles and reviews. He lectures at local, state, and national conventions of science teachers.

  • Fred Pate - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1942

    Fred Pate


    Fred Pate | Class of 1942

    Fred Pate attended SJMS from 1939-1942 and was extremely proud when made Cadet Captain of The Corps. Fred was also the Crack Drill Squad Captain, football and Army Captain, and Skirmisher Editor-in-Chief. Upon graduation, he was awarded the Gordon Prize.

    Entered the US Marine Corps in 1943 and was shipped to the Pacific as a Turret Gunner in a TBM Torpedo Bomber. He flew off the Islands of Guam, Tinian, Ie Shima, and the airfield below Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima when secured by the Marines. Received the Air Medal while in Squadron 131 from Major General L.E.Woods, USMC, on Okinawa. Received a BS degree in Agriculture from California State University San Luis Obispo, CA.

    Fred worked the later part of his working years in real estate and was a sales manager for The William Lyon Co. Fred has three daughters, one son, 12 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.

  • Don Patterson - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1922

    Don Patterson


    Don Patterson | Class of 1922

    Served with General S. Patton during WWII with the 757th Tank Battalion. Served in the Transportation Corps in Germany after WWII.

    Ended 25 years of active duty in Trieste as Commander of the Port of Trieste (Army Division). Retired at Lieutenant Colonel.

  • Gene Penny - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1943

    Gene Penny


    Gene Penny | Class of 1943

    Gene attended SJMS from 1940–1943.

    Enlisted in US Navy and was involved in the V-5 Program. He served for three years.

    Gene is very active in schools, the Methodist Church in the city of Burlington, CO.

  • Al Ransom - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1956

    Albert J. Ransom


    Albert J. Ransom | Class of 1956

    Mr. Ransom attended St. John’s Military School from 1951 – 1956. He was the Battalion Commander of the Class of ’56. Mr. Ransom attended the University of Colorado on a football scholarship.

    Mr. Ransom enlisted in 1958 with the US Marine Corps and flew over 4,000 jet hours; 400 combat missions; and received the Distinguished Flying Cross and Bronze Star.

  • Dick Retrum - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1966

    Richard Retrum


    Richard Retrum | Class of 1966

    Richard spent two years in the US Army with the 3rd Battalion 6th Infantry Division of the Berlin Brigade, where he earned a spot on the Berlin Bears football team. The team traveled all over Europe, playing other Army and Air Force teams. During that time, the team took the Com Z Championship trophy, which was the Army’s “Super Bowl” Award. In addition, he provided ceremonial guard duty at Spandau Prison where the only inmate was the former Deputy Fuhrer of Nazi Germany, Rudolf Hess.

  • David Rhodes - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1987

    David Rhodes


    David Rhodes | Class of 1987

    David was a member of the SJMS football team and was named the Most Valuable Player. He also completed the Spartan program.

    David joined the Marines after graduation and was then deployed. During this time he came in contact with dangerous chemicals and became ill. He wanted to continue the mission in Iraq, however, that was not possible as he passed away on November 8th, 2006. David was a very proud Marine and was so proud to represent his country in the Gulf War.

  • Larry Rice - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1955

    Larry Rice


    Larry Rice | Class of 1955

    Received a BA and MA from Kansas University.

    City manager in four cities over 20 years. Currently City Manager of Lakewood Colorado.

  • Mark Richards - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1993

    Mark Richards


    Mark Richards | Class of 1993

    Mark graduated in 1993, from the 105th Corps of Cadets, and was the Battalion Executive Officer his senior year. He was involved in nearly every extracurricular activity SJMS offered. His most significant award is the Gordon Prize.

    Mark graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Business Management. Upon graduation, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant through the Army ROTC program. Mark was selected for the Army’s Aviation branch and was trained to fly the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. He was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. His decorations include Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal, three Air Medals, and the Combat Action Badge. He is jumpmaster qualified, attended Pathfinder School, SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) school, and is a senior-rated Aviator.

    He received his Master’s degree in Social Organization Psychology from Columbia and is currently an advisor and coach (TAC) Officer to the cadets at West Point.

  • E.P. Ripley - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1929

    E.P. Ripley


    E.P. Ripley | Class of 1929

    Attended St. John’s from 1922 – 1929.

    Attended Kansas University, Washburn College, and obtained a law degree from Boston University in 1937 and a private law practice in New Mexico.
    Was an attorney for the New Mexico State Tax Commission and the State Board of Education.

    New Mexico State Senator for two years.

  • Bill Salmon - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1953

    Rev. William Salmon


    Rev. William Salmon | Class of 1953

    Methodist Pastor/ European Staff of the Institute of Cultural Affairs.

    Global Churchman and theosopher; rural and urban ministries. The servant of God and a seeker after the Christian life. Dedicated to the ministry of developing the ‘human factor’ in global development.

    A running enthusiast.

  • Jeff Schlesinger - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1922

    Jeff Schlesinger


    Jeff Schlesinger | Class of 1922

    Jefferson’s father passed away when he was nine, and his mother started selling wares across the country to support him. Jefferson states, “SJMS taught me responsibility and when I graduated at age 16, I went out and got a job and have supported myself ever since.”

    He went to work at J D Lee Flour Mill as a cereal chemist, relying on the lessons he learned at St. John’s. Schlesinger said the best wheat had been coming to the mill in Enid, OK, so he went to Union Equity. Schlesinger designed the laboratory and oversaw its installation. He ran the lab until his retirement at age 65 in 1971.

    Jefferson is noted for being the oldest Old Boy, celebrating his 100th birthday on March 18, 2006.

  • Fritz Schieb - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1946

    Fritz Schieb


    Fritz Schieb | Class of 1946

    Fritz Schoeb attended St. John’s Military School from 1938 to 1946.

    Mr. Schoeb attended Wichita State University and then completed 20 years of service in the Kansas National Guard. Mr. Schoeb worked for the Skelly Oil Company and Getty Oil Company for 29 years.

  • Orin Seybert - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1953

    Orin Seybert


    Orin Seybert | Class of 1953

    Orin Seybert attended SJMS for two years.

    Soon after his graduation, Orin who was just 18, purchased his first plane, a tiny two-seat Taylorcraft in 1958 he got his commercial flying certification and founded his company, a one-man operation called Peninsula Airways. Having one of the few planes in the area, Orin began using it to fly sick and injured people to the hospital. Pen Air is currently the largest regional airline in Alaska, serving SW Alaska, the Aleutians, and Pribilof Islands.

    The airline has provided millions of flight miles to SW residents, business travelers, and thousand of fishermen. PenAir has generated $60 million in sales, employs 450, and is 80% owned by the Seybert family. The company attributes its success to its commitment to safety, flexibility, and the support and loyalty of lifelong customers living and working in the Bristol Bay region.

  • Robert Snyder - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1946

    Robert Snyder


    Robert Snyder | Class of 1946

    Robert graduated from SJMS in 1946 he then earned his degree from Kansas State University in 1950. He entered the USAF and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1976.

    Placement Consultant, Management Recruiters.

    Volunteer work included: Board of Director multi-county United Way campaigns, Masonic organizations, US Power Squadron, and Kiwanis.

  • Tim Soule - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1966

    Tim Soule


    Tim Soule | Class of 1966

    Tim is a graduate of SJMS in 1966. After graduation, Tim enrolled and graduated from Westridge State College in Colorado. His major was Political Science. Tim served in the US Army for two years stationed in Germany.

    Tim joined Union Power Construction Company in 1972 which his family owned and became Vice President in 1975. The company installs transmission lines and substations over the mountains. Union Power Construction Company was a Founding Member of Quanta Services, Inc. a publicly traded NYSE company founded in 1998.

    Tim was a Founding Member of the Board of Directors of Quanta Services from 1998 to 2000. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of St. John’s Military School. A member of the Board of Trustees for the joint NECA/IBEW Line Construction Benefit Fund. He was Chairman of the Board of Republic National Bank from 1987 to 1993.

    He is currently President and a member of the Board of Directors for the Soule Family Foundation. In the 1980’s his family became part owner in a local bank, Community First where he served on the Board of Directors. Tim and his wife Suzan reside in Castle Rock, CO.

  • Wendy Stein

    Wendy Stein


    Wendy Stein

    Wendy Stein is the sound of music at SJMS.

    In 1984 she joined the SJMS staff and became an extraordinarily passionate and caring teacher who instructed hundreds of students in many different musical instruments. She embraces the talents and qualities of each student musician and helps them to find their path to success. Wendy is very generous in giving her time to the Cadets. She places the Cadets above everything else, always encouraging them to give their best. She has been a member of the Salina Symphony for over 20 years and is currently the editor of the Skirmisher and the Yearbook. Wendy is a very special person who is loved by countless Cadets.

  • Chuck Vaile - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1985

    J. Chuck Vaile


    J. Chuck Vaile | Class of 1985

    Chuck graduated from SJMS in 1985 as a Cadet Major with honors. He competed in football, basketball, and rifle team he was a member of the color guard, honor guard, flag detail, cadet patrol, and a six-time Blue Beret.

    After graduation, he enlisted in the US Army and was trained as a combat medic and operating room specialist. Chuck was permanently blinded in the line of duty.

    Chuck attended the Veteran’s Administration Blind Rehab Center in order to learn as much as he could about succeeding in a new world. He attended the University of SW Louisiana and sustained a 3.75 GPA, was a columnist for the school newspaper, and was inducted into the Pi Eta Sigma National Honor Society. From there he moved back to his home in Colorado and enrolled at the University of Denver. He sustained a 4.0 GPA, wrote for the school newspaper, and led the fight to make the university accessible and inviting to the handicapped.

    He founded the Doberman Rescue in Colorado and has since led a life in public service and volunteerism. In 13 years he has been personally responsible for the saving of nearly 1,000 animals’ lives and gives away his considerable services as an expert canine trainer and behaviorist to any who asks for it.

    Chuck embodies the spirit of the SJMS Old Boy thru his dedication and passion.

  • Rick Taylor - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1964

    John Rick Taylor


    John Rick Taylor | Class of 1964

    Founder and president of several successful oil and gas companies in Texas and the Southwest. Decorated veteran with two tours in Vietnam.

    State Director and National Coordinator for POW/MIA efforts of American Defense Foundation. Colonel, Confederate Air Force.

  • Donna Vanier

    Donna Vanier


    Donna Vanier

    SJMS Friend and Supporter

    Donna Vanier, the quiet friend to St. John’s, has always led with a kind heart, and ready smile. Donna, along with the rest of the Vanier family, is well known for their generous support programs that benefit and support youth.

    Donna became officially involved with SJMS as the coordinator between the school staff and Warner Bros during the filming of “Up the Academy.” which was filmed on campus. From that time on, she has worked endlessly serving on many campaign drives and as a member of the Board of Trustees.

    Donna and her husband Jack have never turned away from hard work. Together they have met life challenges with dedication, and “doing the right thing.” As the saying goes, “Behind every successful man, is a successful woman.” – This adage has never been truer for Jack and Donna.

  • Jack Vanier - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1944

    Jack Vanier


    Jack Vanier | Class of 1944

    Jack Vanier attended St. John’s Military School from 1942 – 1944.

    He served two years with the US Army in Germany and attended Kansas State University.

    Vanier is the owner/operator of CK Hereford Ranch and has served the livestock industry in many capacities.

    Jack was on the Board at the time Vail Hall was destroyed by fire. He rescued the door handle and door plate from the front door. The Handle Ceremony is now a yearly SJMS tradition. 

    Vanier has been a Brigadier for over 30 years, and along with his parents, substantially supported the building of the Vanier Academic Center, as well as endowing three scholarships.

  • Donald Wendler - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1953

    Don Wendler


    Don Wendler | Class of 1953

    Don entered the US Air Force in 1955 and retired as M/Sgt in May 1981. During his service, he served as a member of the Helicopter Maintenance Group. He served two tours in Vietnam and was Awarded Meritorious Service Medal and USAF Commendation Medal.

    Active in the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, and the USAF Sergeants Association.

  • Tom Wilson - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1962

    Tom P. Wilson


    Tom P. Wilson | Class of 1962

    Tom Wilson received his BS degree in Public Administration.

    He has a 19-year career as a police officer, firefighter, and Fire Chief. During that tenure, awarded the Medal of Valor for actions during an ambush shooting in 1970.

    Member of the Coast Guard Reserve. Was assigned to write and implement a Terrorism Response Plan for the 12th Coast Guard District and the San Francisco Captain of the Port.

  • John Wolfe - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1985

    John Wolfe


    John Wolfe | Class of 1985

    After serving as battalion Commander in 1985, John, “Andy” attended the University of Minnesota Duluth and Kansas University where he graduated with honors with a BS in Education, with a major in literature and language arts.

    Andy has worked for the School District of Superior, WI as an English teacher. He has started a drama program, directed plays, worked on steering committees, and became the English Department Chairman. He has coached forensics, started a school newspaper, and is a mentor of new teachers. He was honored by being chosen as “Inspirational Teacher of the Year.”

  • Lou Wyman - SJMS Alumus Class of 1951

    Louis Wyman


    Louis Wyman | Class of 1951

    Wyman received the Gordon Prize while attending SJMS, which was a highlight of his time at SJMS. Lou served in the Korean War and attended Colorado State University before having to help his father on the ranch. They raised elk and even organized the shipping of the elk to Korea.

    Lou turned the ranch into an 8500 square foot living history, non-profit museum. Wyman’s dream is not just to have old items sitting around for people to look at; he wants to bring history to life by having machines that operate.

    He continues to archive the past with his museum.

  • Walter York - SJMS Alumnus Class of 1944

    Walter York


    Walter York | Class of 1944

    Walter attended St John’s Military School for eleven years, the longest tenure of any Cadet in its history.

    Graduate of Kansas Wesleyan University.

    Retired US Air Force Chief.