All Good things must come to an end but the memories can go on forever.

No Matter what the future of St. John’s Military School holds, Old Boys still have a Home with the Old Boy’s Association. This site is dedicated to the Boys that have become men for over 131 years.

Special Announcement:

5/13/19- Thank You

I would like to personally thank every one of you for returning back to St. John’s this weekend. The St. John’s Military School Historical Museum Board of Directors also shares the same appreciation. Even tho I only have a personal 32 year history with SJMS, I know as an Old Boy, we are all equal in sharing the 131 year history of St. John’s. Over the past several days, I have met many Old Boys for the first time. Many of those introductions began with a firm handshake and even an emotional hug. We all came to Salina to be part of the final commencement, but also to come together to assure each other that this was not a farewell to the history and brotherhood of St. John’s Military School. 
Make sure to stay connected to your fellow Old Boys, staff and SJMS friends to keep the legacy alive.
Thank you


Mike Wagner
President – St. John’s Military School Old Boys Association