February 20, 2019
Dear St. John’s Old Boys,
I fully realize that this is a difficult time for all of us regarding the closing of our school and I would like to do something that will help to perpetuate our memories and experiences of St. John’s. I am evaluating the possible of producing a “BOOK OF MEMORIES” for the Board of Trustees, the Military Staff and to the Faculty of the school and made available to interested Alumni and Old Boys. I thought of this idea as I read with great interest your comments on Facebook which contained sincere emotion and were well articulated.
Will you please assist me in this effort by writing a letter describing your feelings and experiences as a result of attending St. John’s. Those selected will be assemble in this booklet. It might be impractical to publish them all depending on the number received. Hopefully, the letter will not be too lengthy and will include names of Brothers, Staff and Faculty who played an important role in your life at the school. For many of us, the environment and people at the St. John’s were instrumental in the person we are today and this will provide the perfect opportunity for us to express our gratitude.   Be sure to include your name, years in attendance at the school and year of graduation if appropriate. Also, indicate the year of the Corps.
Please forward your response to Mrs. Wooten at no later than March 8th. If we move forward on this project will largely depending on your responses. I sincerely hope you will participate in this effort.
D. Dale Browning
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